League History

The League Grows - 08/07/2022

The Merging All Communities League has expanded! August 7th 2022 at Swartz Playground located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re right back here where it all started for Coach Mac. The league tipping off its Season 2 with some great energy and some very familiar faces.

Birth Of A New Community - 2021

The Merging All Communities League starter kit. This is where we started and how small we started. Just a few family & friends getting together for the love and support of a vision. We hope to bring peace, knowledge, understanding, competitiveness, friendship and a community building willing and actively building the community we all share PLANET EARTH!

TF-Geronimo 2018 Afghan March Madness Champions

1st Battalion 501st Infantry Regiment (Airborne) HHC wins the March Madness Basketball Tournament in Afghanistan. These five airborne paratroopers laid it all on the line representing themselves, their families, and the standard of The United States Army. The tournament was played out over several days and nights at Forward Operating Base Fenty, outside of Jalalabad in 2018. Their dedication to excellence, professionalism, sportsmanship, and teamwork is what brought the trophy back to Anchorage, Alaska. I’Ronn Turner was awarded the tournament’s Most Valuable Player Award. In addition Specialist Turner also received an Army Achievement Medal (AAM) for his M.V.P. performance. Captain Cruz & Specialist Turner commitment to boosting the morale of civilians, soldiers, non commissioned officers and officers alike brought smiles while in the heat of battle. Captain Cruz is responsible for the idea of this tournament and the recommended award to Specialist Turner who we all know as Coach Mac. In a way this is the start of what we all know as The MAC League or The Merging All Communities League.